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About glass art and glass art techniques

Glass arts are one of the most difficult but beautiful genres of art form. The characteristic shine of the glass allows it to give a certain gloss and ambiance to the place it is kept in. Glass has an amazing elasticity that allows artists to mold it easily. This allows artists to make great shape as well as fine designs on them. Glass is available in various colors which actually adds to the existing design. The quick plasticity makes this great brittle matter a true clay for art.

Since the discovery of glass and the knowledge of its eye-catching properties, glass has become one of the most popular artistic elements. There are various techniques to make glass arts: blowing, fusing, kiln-casting, slumping, pat-de-verre, flame-working, hot-sculpting and cold working. Not all types of glass allow all types of working. So the specific type of glass should be chosen based on the specific design and molding technique.

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